We are in the process of reviewing the 2019 Nominee Packets and are still accepting nominations. Please return soon to see the 2019 results for the American Institute’s 10 Best.

-Steven Heimberg
Heimberg Barr LLP
800 West 6th St
Ste 1500
Los Angeles, California 90017
Phone: 800-425-5557

-Seymone Javaherian
Javaherian & Ruszecki, P.C.
1900 Avenue Of the Stars
Ste 310
Los Angeles, California 90067
Phone: 310-858-1818

-Edward Y. Lee
Law Offices of Edward Y. Lee
3731 Wilshire Blvd
Ste 940
Los Angeles, California 90010
Phone: 213-380-5858

Nicholas Myers
Haffner Law PC
1803 Courtney Ave
Apt #19
Los Angeles, California 90025
Phone: 213-516-2478

-Joseph Novel
Bridge Legal A Professional Law Corporation
2999 Overland Ave
Ste 104
Los Angeles , California 90064
Phone: 310-598-7191

-Jacob O. Partiyeli
Law Office Of Jacob O. Partiyeli
1930 Wilshire Blvd
Ste 1936R
Los Angeles, California 90057
Phone: 310-801-1919

Wiesman Pirian, Esq.
Law Offices of Wiesman Pirian, APC
1801 Century Park E
Ste 1830
Los Angeles, California 90067
Phone: 310-405-2020

Olga Troshchiy
Troshchiy Law Firm, APC
5015 Eagle Rock Blvd
Ste 204
Los Angeles, California 90041
Phone: 310-492-5187